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My name is Renie. I'm 19, and forever destined to be a military brat. My dad retired after 20 years of service to the U.S. Air Force, and I married a U.S. Army soldier. I love being a military brat, because it gives me a sense of being different from other people, because not everyone joins the military. My dad has been to Spain, Korea, England, Las Vegas, and Texas, among other places. He retired when I was 6, so I didn't really get to travel around. I lived on Eglin Air Force Base until I was 6 months old, and then in early 1987, we moved to Mossy Head, Florida (just a few miles shy of DeFuniak and Crestview). Dad retired, and we've been living in Jacksonville, Florida.
I married my soldier on January 27th, 2006. He's now stationed in Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri for basic training. We'll be moving to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas when he comes home sometime in late June, early July. He went in as a corrections officer for the Army.
Oh, and another thing I love about being a military brat - THE HEALTH INSURANCE!!! :-D

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