the_lone_fencer (the_lone_fencer) wrote in militarybrats,

Brit Army Brat

hello all!

I see that most if not all here are american, I hope you dont mind a Brit joining?

My name is Michael, I'm 19, my Dad is in the British army, and is currently serving in Kosovo. I come from a military family, my grandad was RAF, his father was army, and it keeps on going.

On my mums side of the family her brothers were all Navy.

I will probably follow in my fathers footsteps and go into the Army, though not the same regiment, he's Royal Logistics Corps, I want to join the Royal Military Police :)

At present we are living on a huge army base in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Although I am away most of the time at university. I really miss Army life, and I miss my dad a lot, he won't get back til july (He's been away since November).

Anyway thats me. :D
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