Sphinx (elven_sphinx) wrote in militarybrats,


1. Name: Megan Johnson

2. Age: 23 yrs. old

3. Where you're currently living: middle Tennessee

4. Current Occupation: secretarial and amature artist

5. Where you've been stationed & when you lived there: Was born in San Diego, Ca. in 1982, have been to Florida, Guam in 1985, Illinois, Sugar Grove, West Virginia in 1987 to 1989, Edzell and Inverbervee, Scotland 1990 to 1992, and now Tennessee since mid 1992.

6. How long your parent(s) served in the military: My Dad served from '82 'till '92 and is now in the Navy Reserve.

7. Which branch they belonged to: Navy
8. Greatest thing about being a military brat: All the traveling and sight-seeing while in other countries. Great memories and cool stories to tell. And it's not a very common thing -which is nice. I have a healthy appreciation for travel and new experiences.

9. Worse thing about being a military brat: Having to move all the time, lose friends, and switch schools. While I have alot of cool memories, I have problems making friends and bonding with other people.

10. What you're hoping to get out of this community: Mostly I'm hoping to reconnect with some people I new from other Naval bases. But I'm also want to hear about others' experiences and their feelings.
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