Laurie (hellodali) wrote in militarybrats,

Atten: Girl Gamers

America's Army is a FREE shooter game created by the US Army. You can download the game for free from here:;86273#Download

Women's Army Corps is a brand new clan (guild) formed by girls gamers for girl gamers, mostly because the boys just don't understand. I have been in several clans, most of them ALL Male and they just don't get it when a girl is an avid gamer or a military veteran or both. So this clan was made just for us girls.
The clan name pays tribute to the original Women's Army Corps who paved the way for today's female soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. The clan welcomes female veterans from all military branches, but also girls who were in ROTC, Military Brats or just girl gamers who also support our military.

Important Info:
-Clan Name: Women's Army Corps
-Age Limit: 16+
-Website & Forums: Yes
-Vintrilo Server: Yes
-TWL & Clan Matches: Yes
-Friendly & Fun Community: Yes

Clan Web Site:
Log on and sign up!!

You need

-Xfire Free Download:
-Ventrilo Free Download:
-AAO Tracker Account (after you install and register the game) Link:

This is what AA game play looks like:

Girl Gamers Rule!!
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